Grand Opening Sunday December 1st 9AM - 1PM !!

Crop Swap

West Adams Crop Swap

Beginning as a monthly backyard gardening group, the West Adams Crop Swap quickly became a homegrown food and wellness movement with 100+ residents involved. The Crop Swap's focus is on creating a cooperative infrastructure of urban gardeners and local sustainability experts to eliminate the growing nutrition gaps and food injustices in the City of Los Angeles. Ultimately, intending to create a system where the highest quality foods and natural remedies are available locally; effectively transforming Los Angeles into the world’s largest urban farm.

How to participate: Everyone is encouraged to bring any herbs, veggies, and fruits to swap from your gardens or fruit trees. Contributions can also include extra gardening supplies, plant cuttings, homemade marmalade, jams, backyard eggs, honey, organic seeds, planters, pots, and anything homegrown that you want to share with the community. 

For more information go to @westadamscropswap